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Events in Phuket are in abundance knowing where to go is essential and thats why we are here to list the worthy events on the island. When it comes to nightlife and parties, nothing compares to Thailand. But since the schedules can be a handful, it pays to know the best events in Phuket are located. Make the most out of your vacation by including any (or all) these in your to-do list:

Visit the Hottest Nightclubs

Phuket is party central, so it is essential that you hit the hottest nightclubs in the city. There are several options available, depending on where you want to party. Options abound in Surin Beach, as well as Patong Beach.

Party with a DJ

Partying is not the same with canned music. Enjoy live, body-moving beats by gracing DJ Events in Phuket. Similar to the partying caliber of Ibiza, Phuket bars and clubs serve as the stage of many famous local and international DJs.

Barge in the Best Bars

Don’t feel like dancing, but feel like drinking? Then make sure to attend the best bar events in Phuket. Wherever you might be, there’s a great bar waiting for you. You can relax in a traditional beach bar, or travel back in time in one of the first bars in Old Phuket.

Queer-friendly bars swamp the city as well, so you can have your own kind of fun without fears of discrimination. LGBT-friendly locations can be found along Soi Paradise and Patong Beach.

Listen to Live Bands

Music is best heard live – and you can do just that in Phuket. There are numerous music bars and clubs where you can jive to the melodies of Thailand’s up and coming musicians. If you like, you can jam with them too!

Avail of Restaurant Promotions

There is a wealth of restaurants in Thailand, ranging from roadside eateries to 5-star bistros. Even if you don’t have a big budget, you can enjoy fabulous Thai food – for a small price – by signing up for restaurant promotions and offers. Have a gourmet dinner without spending your life’s savings by keeping your eyes open to the island’s best restaurant promotions.