Phuket is a famous international tourist destination with beautiful seashores and appealing backdrops. Phuket’s repute as a festivities spot is well merited with a global crowd of pleasure seekers. Phuket is additionally one of the world’s top gay escapade playgrounds with a wonderful variability of stuffs to do.

Patong Beach is the epicentre of gay life in Phuket, mainly focused in the pertinently known as Paradise Complex. It is the focal point of gay scene with variation of lodging house, brasseries and bars in a well-put together gay social section, moreover nearby they serve Thai fast food and tranquil coffee .

The boat bar nightclub is much loved by tourist’s gay couples and natives equally. The boat bar gay spot opens its gates every single night and offers a varied range of entertainment to the gay crowd after midnight.
The Flying Handbag is also famous with many of the gay émigrés as well as Club one seven guesthouse with its restaurant, exceptional coffee and bar is a Phuket’s icon. Mostly famous bars get eventful from 10pm. Disco clubs like Boat Bar and kiss club get busier in the middle of the night. Outside Paradise Complex, there are several gay friendly spots worth the stopover .so after a sunny day on Phuket Island and exquisite beaches, the delight of a lengthy and sizzling night in Phuket awaits you.