Chalong Bay Nightlife

Located on the south of Phuket Town Chalong bay is the central point of all the scuba diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and water sport activities, making it very busy with tourist crowds.Offering all day activities of exploration the Chalong bay nightlife is equally engaging.

Besides fresh tropical ocean breeze Night life at Chalong also offers diverse entertainment experiences. The Chalong bay nightlife starts to kick off as soon as the sun sets.  Travelers flock towards the Bars and restaurants which keep serving till late night. Nightlife activities range from highly energetic nights clubs to the restaurants offering personal and serene experience. The action is mostly set nearby the waterfront where there are a mass of restaurants and bars offering relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The Chalong bay is most preferred spot among sailors and tourist alike; there is always a spot for swapping tales and drinks till late hours of night.

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