One of the larger and more popular places to go, Timberhut is a small and somewhat quiet restaurant in the evening with decent food, but turns into a massive club with live music once the sun goes down. 

Some nights you can see your favorite deejay in Timberhut, other nights a local band can blow your socks off; and large-name bands frequent this joint.  Whatever performance is on that night, it’s guaranteed to let you dance the night away.  Made up of two floors, each with its own bar, you can stand on the balcony and overlook the band playing and the dancers getting down or dance your heart out with the locals on the ground floor. Even the staff is friendly and welcoming, often partaking in the dancing and drinking with fun customers. A truly fun place with great live music; come with a group of friends or meet a new crowd here. Mick Jagger was also spotted once having a drink at Timberhut.

Address: 118/1 Yaowarat Road, Phuket 83000
Contact: +66 76 21 1839
Open Hours: 6p onwards


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