Go-Go bars are the main reason certain people head towards Patong beach in the first place, well known for its literally ‘’ass smacking fun ’’ Suzy Wong is a wonderful go-go bar for some spanking entertainment and visual delight of Good looking Thai dancing girls placing shows all over the night .

Suzy Wong attracts diverse crowd from all over the world. The bar girls are specialized in smacking the customers with harmless foam sticks, which are painless and provide all around fun. The smacking experience in Suzy Wong is highly delightful and astounding for unwary tourists. However, customers are allowed to spank back shamelessly which can be a lot of fun as well. The Suzy Wong bar is an icon of Patong’s nightlife known for their standard of service, and unique flavor of an enthusiastic, and sensational experience. So just add Suzy Wong to your list of things to see, on your next stopover in Patong.