Diamond Beach Club is venue on Surin Beach is a stylish and expansive addition to the ever-increasing list of Phuket’s beach nightclubs. Diamond beach club has the picture-perfect scenery and amenities for after lunch and early sunset lounging in the subtle and chic atmosphere.

Using a purple color theme, stylish seats, discreet lights and up-to-date music tunes, Diamond club is much loved by visitors, and is one of the most eye-catching seaside clubs in Phuket. The restaurant’s menu is filled with notable signature dishes, the Italian chef; Bruno Nicollini has repute for his restaurant in Belgium known as ‘Senzanome’ his food preparation is classic. Nighttime entertainment here is attractive and eye catching just like diamonds. DJ’s lean towards the elegant melodies to disco and mash up of songs and play them all till late night, until you stay!  Diamond is indeed an extravagance, comfy and stylish beach front bar.

Diamond Beachclub is located on the northern end of Surin beach, in Phuket, Thailand, and offers exclusive sunbeds, cabanas and delicious food.

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