15 years old, spinning from a truck at the legendary street parade Fast Forward in Rotterdam. Thousands of partying people going insane in front of him. Caught on camera by a big national TV channel (SBS6) who made it a special item…… Now that’s a proper lift of for a dj career!

As a result of this , within a year he performed at many clubs nationally and later internationally and it could very well be so is the youngest dj ever spinning the infamous fool moon parties in Thailand.

nowadays Grezzo is a regular in Asia and every year he playes there on New years eve and many other parties in countries like Thailand.

Dedicated to reach the top he is always working on increasing his fanbase and  it was a logical step to discover and develop his own sound in the studio. After teaming up with vocalist David Goncalves, who is internationally known for his collaboration with Chocolate Puma – Always And Forever and made it to the finals of The Voice Holland, together they established the perfect crossover mix between Dancefloor slammers and Radio friendly songs. Crank the volume on your radios up cause Grezzo will be the next big thing!