Go-Go Bars in Phuket ‘s tempting nightlife attracts tourists with wide range of entertainment options and remarkable night life experience; including dozens of go-go bars featuring  women dancing provokingly on pop music, with numerous sexy shows and exceptional pole dances, some of them dont look so enthusiastic but its one of the wonders that makes go-go bars in Phuket a sensational experience!


Go-Go Bars in Phuket

Set around Patong Beach and Soi Sea Dragon, go-go bars are somewhat dissimilar to the customary beer bars, they dont charge entrances fee and are generally behind closed doors, drinks are rather pricey in these venues, 180THB for a beer but the ladies drink is double the cost if you buy them any. go-go bars in phuket generally it involves pole dancing, “Ping Pong” shows, strip dancing and lap dancing. A go-go bar tends to be much more private, always bursting with sexy, slender and most desired girls which charm customers in abundance. These bars are extremely entertaining and are strongly recommended for any tourist who want to have fun experiencing these go-go bars in phuket . With Loud music, flashing beams and young thai ladies portraying their natural assets, go go bars add to the festive air of Patong pulsating nightlife.