Zag is the attention-grabbing new club on Soi Paradise. It promises nonstop eccentric entertainment to its visitors making it endless fun spot.Zag Club host Bachelor Bingo games and allot more entertainment centered towards gay guests gearing for a perfect night of fun memories and moments featuring Thai charisma and friendliness.

There are 2 games held in Zag club, each one with three winning chances: the 4 corners, full house or any line across. You can select to either taking your lover or a friend with you on the date at Zag club or else picking one of the candy dancers from the good looking Zag staff. In the evening Zag Club offers a special prices for the drinks. After enjoying the Bingo games you can chill or dance at Zag Club with your new mates. Zag club is perfect gay escapade in Patong beach to have some great and quality time.

Address: Paradise Complex, Patong
Hours – 21.00 – 02.00, weekend – 21.00 – 02.00
Facilities: Bar, Music, Dancing