The karma lounge on Karon beach is a high-class venue offering an tasteful and exclusive entertainment for its visitors,you are welcomed through an up-front bar at the 1st floor offering all sorts of drinks and beverages, Karma further lures its visitors towards a lounge set up at the top floor, where all the evening’s engaging action take place providing much needed diversion from all day norms. From classy music and attention-grabbing videos to live week night music. Great plus here are the hostesses ability to communicates in fluent English, combining all the elements Karma lounge clears the checklist for being an hot spot and entertainment center.

Karma lounge has been catering needs for a very appealing crowd for many years now. Continuous parade of interesting events along with tasteful and yet pretty fascinating parties keeps visitors coming here repeatedly. Karma Lounge is a modishand trendy, either you are looking for a good company, or want to enjoy cold beer while listening to live performances; Karma lounge has what it takes to keep you satisfied and entertained.