Complete Guide to Gay Clubs, Shows & Bars 

Girls – and gays too – just want to have fun. So if you are looking for a fantastic location with gay-friendly accommodations, attractions and venues, then you will definitely enjoy Phuket.

The country of Thailand has long been known to embrace gay culture – and it is very apparent in the warm reception of Phuket to its LGBT tourists. While most of the island have notable attractions for the third sex, most of them are concentrated on Paradise Complex – a small piece of heaven in Patong Beach.

True to its’ name, Paradise Complex is a haven for gay entertainment. Here, you can enjoy the glittering sights of clubs and bars. With the loud thumping music emanating throughout the streets, you will have a hard time choosing a pit stop for your nighttime rendezvous. After all, why choose when you have got a bevy of attractions at your fingertips?

Complete Guide to Gay Clubs, Shows & Bars 

If you are looking for a loud, fun time while in Phuket, there are go-go dance shows and transvestite shows. They will surely entertain you, as well as allure you.

However, if you are looking for some downtime – a quiet R&R with your significant other (even with a new acquaintance) – there are several gay clubs and shows that offer reprieve from the hurly-burly of Phuket. Here, you can sip a colorful drink, or have a unique snack. You can even go people-watching. Who knows? The love of your life might just be in front of you.

At Phuket, you’ll never run out of amusing activities to enjoy. With the island’s bustling gay bars and clubs, your stay will definitely be worth the expenses and sleepless nights.

Complete Guide to Gay Clubs, Shows & Bars, gay guide phuket