Is that a lady boy ? If you have to ask that question, there is a good chance she is a lady boy. Phuket is full of amazing possibilities, and what could happen is truly only limited by the extent of your imagination. You have always wanted to go skinny dipping with a dream gal you met on the dance floor, well this can be a reality when you are in Phuket.

Phuket has magnificent lady boys and if you do not keep your eyes open, chances of you getting into Dr. Stu (Hangover Movie) shoes are truly epic, hmm not because you wanted to, only because you just didn’t know but if you are into something like this then dance like no one is watching.

If you don’t fancy that a hangover misadventure can be avoided, and all you have to do is to fine tune your chick radiometer and make sure you do not approach someone attractive drunk and half dizzy. Thai lady boys are really attractive and identifying them to real thai women is a skill requiring serious talent including the ability to notice anatomical anomalies.

Lady Boys give perfect feminine gesture and the chance of you landing into their arms is relatively high. Unless you desire for new experience, then you can act surprised and curious and try out the new experience as in Phuket Thailand no one will judge. Lady boys are locally called kathoeys and are very well integrated into Thai social life.

As a result they are confident about themselves and act freely and therefore identifying them can be a challenge for even an expert. However if you look closely, the obvious will pop up, But the eyes usually overlook the elusive indications, instead direct them to gorgeous facial features, flawless make-up, and surgery enhanced breasts which even make Thai girls a bit spiteful of their picture-perfect feminine features.

Thus one of the most obvious kathoey traits is there excellent beauty pageant level grooming, and 10 mark sex appeal.