Lim’s Restaurant

LIM’s, “Phuket’s most classy and eye-catching eating place for the international tourists, sited in a scenery of lush trees and greenery on the hilly side of Kalim Bay, features Thai Cuisine, great music ,fi9 arts all in a setting of Thai tropical splendidness.

Designed by an exceptional artist also an owner of LIM’s Kuhn kop, LIM’s restaurant is a master piece, the entire restaurant is like painting of Kop’s colorful palate with its superb décor, wall-enfolding sofa, an outsized mirror and plenty of lights. Lim’s is visited by heaps of diners and party-goers; it is became a perfect evening out place for those who like quiet and serene atmosphere. Lim’s has a wide-ranging wine list featuring top wines from over ten countries that prefers for Old World labels.

Good music with their in house DJ, a pleasant clientele, unobtrusive service and delightful foods all tally up to a place certainly worth a visit.

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