When we first came here, like you we were clueless about where to go, all the other websites that provided nightlife information was a real big letdown, that inspired us to create a website with the help of entrepreneur, interactive & motion designer Jasper Aarts who is godsend, we sincerely got this going with his help and till today we are extremely grateful for his contribution to make Phukets nightlife scene more vibrant.

Soon after that we threw strings of parties to give our brand awareness and we discovered a core following of real music lovers who were after a decent night out. We are not alone!

Now with version 3 of Phuket Private Party’s website, we are equipped with more interactive features that has made it easy for party goers and nightclub, bar owners to connect with us with up to date content. We have built a platform for partygoers to also comment on their experience in venues we have listed so finally you can trust what you read on the internet

We would personally like to thank all the these people listed below, we could not have done it without you. Thank you !

Jasper Aarts 
Nina Nittaya
Yurika Lily Nakamura
Ashley Smith
Alex D